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Thread: West Midlands AMCA in the 80's

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    Intermediate huskyracer79's Avatar
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    Chertsey , Surrey


    Know the track?
    I remember that Boraston jump well from the early 80's. Found a couple of pics of myself:
    1980 on KX250

    And 1981 on KX420 using all the suspension and more

    Will have to dig out some more early 80's AMCA pics.
    pete , be great if you if you could dig out some more pics... rode with CHV 79-81 , great days .... rode at first ever meetings at Shobdon and Boraston, now iconic AMCA tracks..... remember
    KEY3 turning up at Boraston in that trick Merc 608 , blew everyone away on and off the track and the KEY3 lookalike ... was it mark young ?

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    87 is me Phil Hardy ( many moon ago )
    Hi Phil, we had a few battles in the late 80's,what you up to now? are you still involved in the sport? All the best Mike Allport.

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    I'll try and dig a few pics out and post them up. Got a few from Church Lench etc.

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    I'll try and dig a few pics out and post them up. Got a few from Church Lench etc.
    nice one mate cant wait

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    I'll try and dig a few pics out and post them up. Got a few from Church Lench etc.
    nice one mate cant wait
    Nice to see this thread is still going (just) cant wait to see the pics PKB.

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    Baggs - sorry for the delay in posting the pics - been a bit busy lately

    Here's a few to be going on with anyway. I'll try to get some more scanned in soon.


    Church Lench - Alcester MCC 1980

    Me (#67) Church Lench KX250

    Alcester MCC Lads 1980

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    Karl Pope chased by Keith Ree Kramer 410 - Church Lench

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    Great pics Pete. I had a few successes at Church Lench, great natural track, hard as concrete and well slippery when wet. I was in Alcester club from 1983 to 1986.

    Get that scanner warmed up and post some more

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    great to see church lench again hey bagss i had a drink with dave jessop today he was back in redditch for the weekend he was talking about a possible comeback and borrowing his brothers 125

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    I broke my leg in 83 and stopped racing. I had left Alcester club by then and joined Upton club. Some of the guys in the pic you might know? Alan Craddock, Steve Clews and Stuart Nash werea few. Can't remember the others name? Its the age you know

    Will try and get some more pics up soon.


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