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Thread: starting problems on suzuki rmz250

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    hi i have an 05 rmz 250 and cant get the bugger to start have a spark clean oil new air filter cleaned the carb, bike almosts starts when you kick over but not quite, someone suggested couild be the timing? have even tryed bump starting but no joy there either any ideas?

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    Whats the compression like?

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    You done anything to it? changed something? You tried all combinations of hot start and choke, no choke, just hot start, nothing, full throtytle etc?

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    How long has the bike just been sat there? Could need new petrol

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    not that i am aware of. everything was running fine seviced it now havent been able to start it since, have taken the top of the engine off checked the valve clearences=fine piston=fine ,first four banger so not to sure whats going on.

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    the bike not been able to start since before christmas have changed the fuel about a week ago

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    Re-check the timing then, and double check again. Thats all i can suggest for now if its got compression.

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    could the cut out switch be stuck on? how would i check that?
    also how do you check the timing?

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    the bike not been able to start since before christmas have changed the fuel about a week ago
    I know it may sound like a waste of time but just change it again, if it starts it will be worth it.


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