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Thread: The Llan - Clee Hill Victors

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    Did anyone race here last weekend?

    Just after some feedback as we have changed the track since last year and wanted some opinions to the new layout and jumps, especially the ski jumps.

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    All the guys at my club really enjoyed the new layout and jumps. Great track...

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    Didn't go myself as I've buggered my knee up, but the comments at club night were very positive. In fact the only complaints were about the walk back up to the paddock! You should get a few more entries at your next meeting.

    PS I heard it didn't rain this time!

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    Belated thanks for your replies - good to know that other clubs enjoyed the track.

    Motogoat - think yourself lucky that you can ride back up to the paddock.... think of us poor supporters walking back up in the mud (yes I was there last year!). Ended up with thighs like Fatima Whitbred after the last work party at the track - nice.


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