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Thread: Drumclog MX track

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    Default Drumclog MX track

    Ok so i live on the west coast of Scotland and the closest track to me is drumclog, however the owners of the track never ever seem to grade it or do any work on it any more. I know there is work involved in maintaining it and its very cheap for the day down there (10 per bike) but i would happily stump up with some more cash if it were maintained a little more.

    Anyone else out there feel the same???
    Anyone know the owners well enough to have a wee word in there ear?

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    Default Re: Drumclog MX track

    I think you need to look on

    As Tootall on there just spent a couple of grand of his own money, machines and time to get the track back to good condition. The track is going to be looked after a bit more, unfortunately it has been run down to due the Irvine Motocross Club not running events there and doing the major rebuilding/grading of the track. Hopefully next year that will change and the track will get its jumps etc graded more rugularly.

    If you want a good graded track then drive to Doune/Dunblane.
    Your only as fast as the last person you pass!!!

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    Default Re: Drumclog MX track

    Thats great news good on the guy. As i say i would be more than happy to stump up with a little more cash to help them with the up keep.

    Dounes great just a bit of a trek for me.


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    Default Re: Drumclog MX track

    The track gets graded, but there is only so much you can do with a grading bar. I think the owners are going to hire a digger in (borrow one maybe) with probably tootall or Ryan doing the digger work (both good riders with personal tracks and excellent machine men). So the jumps and big whoops on the hills should be well looked after.

    Other than that once a week with a grading bar for the weekends riding is enough. No use practicing on a perfectly smooth track.

    The worst thing about Drumclog is the trainer brigade that turn up in soaking wet conditions doing an average lap time of about 15 mins with 17 fall offs, wheel spinning ruts everywhere and in every direction possible. Pink powerbands with no helmet POWER wheelies smoking a cig next to my nice shiny car in the pits also drives me nuts.

    Where abouts are you from buddy.
    Your only as fast as the last person you pass!!!

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    Default Re: Drumclog MX track

    Am in Glasgow. Only started riding this year so still learning myself. Try to get out every second weekend. Normally go to drumclog but the last few weekends made it up to doune. Must say i love it!!!!

    I hear what your saying about the Neds, was at drumclog back in july i think and there was about 8 13 year olds drinking buckfast at the side of the track. Then witnessed them flying up and down the pits a short time later.
    Its a shame they don't use a similar set up like doune that would keep the idiots away. Alot of commitment though!!!

    Think i'll say to the guys a visit to drumclog is in order this weekend given the work thats been done.

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    drumclog has just had a sh!t load of work done to it mate, been graded as well so should be pretty awesome just now. Theres a bit of a track at greenock, see scottish mx as instructed above.

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    Default Re: Drumclog MX track

    ive been up there a few times think its an awsome track i travell from wigan

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