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Thread: Enduroland....

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    Default Enduroland....

    I went to enduroland practice yesterday near Warwick with 4 friends. We all left feeling disappointed and ripped off and have decided never to use enduroland again and this is why.......

    1.We had to park our vans In a narrow single track road pushed up against trees and bushes so people could still get passed. There was no space to set up awning etc and we were a 15 minute walk from sighing on/starting area

    2.The track was a poor excuse for a enduro track it was about 2 miles long this is not the length of a enduro track im my eyes it needs to be 5+ miles. The lay out was was boring its was basicly riding round the edge of fields, with the odd turn round some trees and a 50 meter forest section there was nothing technical other than what the rain had caused.

    3.Some the marshalling I experienced left me utterly horrified! I was going round one fairly fast blind bend and had to take avoiding action as there was a marshal on a quad...on a death wish GOING THE WRONG WAY ROUND THE TRACK! WTF!!! I even came across riders going the wrong way round the track on the fastest section of the course. Where were the marshals telling them not to!

    4.mixing quads and bikes is ridiculous we take different lines they take up the entire turn when sliding into corners which make them dangerous and pain in the arse to over take and when they get stuck no one can get round so it causes massive ques

    5. Barbed wire. Need I say any more! I appreciate the track was on farm but there were sections of barbed wire round the track. I don't even want to think about how much damage that would cause hitting barbed wire any speed!! it would of taken a couple hours if that to take it all down and bung it all back up when the practice had finish when they are charging 35 per rider what's a few hours labour to improve safety this its not the only venue I have noticed them use f**king barbed wire round the edge of the course..

    We had enjoyed one enduroland practice in the past they put some effort into adstone and we had a great day but there always seem to some issue with organisation. I have been shocked by dangerous and poor layouts especially were the the easy and hard routes join up. Still we were willing to pay the premium of 35 for good days riding but comparing it to a race or a club organised practice event its a complete shambles. They have set it up to make as much money as possible and don't seem to care about rider satisfaction or safety. We all left feeling ripped off and have decided not to use enduro land again Well boss hog you better buck your ideas up chap you have lost 5 riders here...

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    i also was there yesterday

    The parking i know wasnt great but their wasnt anywhere else we could of parked. Wasnt very pleased about waiting for the sighting lap either!
    I found the marshalling great, helped me out alot
    Quads i had no problem with
    I definatly see why you were not pleased, specially for 35, it is too expenisve for what it was and its going to be 40 next year! Far too much for practise.

    Hopefully the xmas cracker is good at adstone


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    I have been to adstone and olney venues. The track at olney was good but parking was poor. Adstone is good fun but somehow just doesnt compare to midwest who i race with. 35 is steep and if its 40 next year I cant see myself going again! Which is a shame because I live 5 mins from adstone, and i agree completely with the quads especially in the wet they slide about and make the ground really slick like ice!

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    Oh yeah and sighting lap is a **** idea....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudds View Post
    Oh yeah and sighting lap is a **** idea....
    It's most likely an insurance requirement. It's also a good idea if there are places which need to be avoided - needed if the track isn't taped all the way round.

    I agree they can be a pain but if it means it lets people ride then it's not a huge problem.
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    yeh i had no problem with the sighting lap but waiting for 45 min to do it, just sat their was really annoying, and it meant we had 45 min shorter track time. So we payed the same but had less time.

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    The sighting lap does my nut, if you do it you have to plod around not overtaking, and then at the the end there is a massive rush, loads of quick guys coming through etc going mad, proper dodgy. And if you dont do you spend 45mins sat on ur arse watching fat quad riders eat burgers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudds View Post
    you spend 45mins sat on ur arse watching fat quad riders eat burgers!
    'If everything seems in control, you're not going fast enough'

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    so guys some of you not very happy then, due to all the serious weather we had had, i think this venue was going to be tough to hold together, but this event was not cancelled like many others due to weather, also remember that this is a practise event and not a race, if you guys wish to ride flat out then you must remember that all kinds of riders are welcome at enduroland, even the quad marshall going the wrong way was safe, as he was towing a quad rider with a disabled passenger, infront of the marshall was another warning you guys of danger/ slow down ahead, if you chose to ignore it then that is irresponsable, on an other note if you had issues then im sure a call to bosshog is the answer, not a slate on here, you are all open to opinions but give the hoast the first call, this is my first post on here but if this is like another forum then im sure it will be my last

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    Default Re: Enduroland....

    I attended the enduroland event at Hockliffe it was a good day for me but it was my first so i have nothing to compare it to, yet. I must admit being a virgin the quads scared me alot. I couldn't quite understand that after a little mud in the wood was a sheet of ply which was my first fall it was like ice. On the boss side of the coin he's not a charity, he's trying to run a business. I think that critism should be constructive so we can ride in a safe environment. We all know it's not a race but we don't wont to be trial riding. Do we?

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