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Thread: indoor supercross track

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    Default indoor supercross track

    dose any one know of any indoor supercross track need to ride this weekend or even through the week rain rain and more rain this will be the 6 week i have not riden

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    Sep 2009

    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    You Can Ride At the nec arena supercross event in birmingham or go mepal ???

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    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    i'd go to mepal mate i done supercross at nec the weekend it was the first one id done and from what people said it was nothing like last years . to small and cramped no one new what was going on ....but money side of it to ride aint to bad as 155 to ride and gets your mechanic in lots of riding and then if you dont qualify you can still watch evening and 2 of those tickets would cost you 72 quid...

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    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    Quote Originally Posted by tont25 View Post
    You Can Ride At the nec arena supercross event in birmingham or go mepal ???
    where is mapal thanks

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    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    i wish lol this contry is desperate for some kind of indoor track is there any?
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    Intermediate Pete65's Avatar
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    Jun 2007

    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    wilden mxc has 2 fantastic winter tracks wilden lane and polesworth if you just want to ride/not bothered about supercross wilden mxc is the place 2 be!

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    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    Quote Originally Posted by matrixlee View Post
    where is mapal thanks
    mepal is near march cambridge, we havent been yet might go this w/end

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    Senior bennyboy1983's Avatar
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    May 2009

    Exclamation Re: indoor supercross track

    So does anyone know if there is an indoor mx track in the uk anywhere, i live in somerset and i'm willing to travel anywhere in the uk to ride my bikes, been 5 weeks for me!! So somone please please answer this post! I may have to go greeeeeeen laneing otherwise.............................. Thanks

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    Intermediate Vern's Avatar
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    Mar 2008

    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    mepal is the place to be. otherwise america haha

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    Intermediate andy1985mx's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    South Yorkshire

    Default Re: indoor supercross track

    wheeldon farm has an indoor track, and outdoor. never been but looks ok.

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