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Thread: Supercross Practice track

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    Hello there.

    i am considering opening an indoor supercross track open to the public for practice and possibly races..

    i understand there has been a few othes (weston sx,sysx and simx) all of which have closed down in recent years, could anyone shed any light to why?

    this track would be in the south east. and id be looking to charge £20-£25 per day.

    also has anyone got any advice on public liability insurece and steps i have to go through with the council ?


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    Im also looking for people opionions from a customers point of view. would you come and ride a place like this in the winter? if the prices are resonable?

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    I would be interested in this track, im in essex so it can not be that far away either.
    Good luck.

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    Id be interested

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    Id give it a look

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    Count me in

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    I should imagine it's a nightmare to create a supercross track suitable for practice. The most difficult factor could be varying rider ability.

    If you created a true supercross track you would need a line of ambulances to cart off all the schoolboys and average clubmen. Liability would be a nightmare.

    On the flip side of that, if you create a simple tamed down supercross track, experts and pro's would have no interest at all, as they need the full whoops etc. to practice sensibly.

    Then you've got problems with needing marshal's on every jump, grouping of riders, overcrowding etc. etc.

    Nice idea, but i guess you'd have think it through carefully.

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    I'm not sure but i think all the indoor tracks before have strugled to meet overheads during the summer, winter times are busy but with a small track you've got a limited number per day.
    SIMX was doing well i beleive but a young lad was killed and there were problems with the insurance.

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    If it all went ahead, I know loads of guys in South East that would go.

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    you have laods and laods of people traveliing all over to get there to practices for the britisgh sx
    i no for a fact i would go and practice and get ready for britsh sx


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