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Thread: ktm 50 help

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    Mar 2009
    west mids

    Default ktm 50 help

    i have put this in mx pits but got no response so im hopeing some one here can help me out

    im looking to get my step daughter a ktm 50 as she wants to start racing can some one help me out with the diffrance between the mini adventure SENIOR ADVENTURE and pro senior thanks guys

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    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    Pro senior is the one to get for racing if she is big enough for it. Use a 12 inch front wheel for stability.

    Adventures are lower tuned play bikes, if she's never ridden anything before they are ideal - pros are a bit fierce for learners. Adventures still ok for starting racing.

    Suggest you go along to a local club meeting first, talk to some dads and get a feel for things. Often bikes for sale there too.

    Oh, and get ready to learn all about centrifugal clutch maintenance...
    Mistakenly identified as a responsible adult.

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    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    I'm in the same boat and now finally making the step for my lad from his PY50 to a KTM.

    I think the Pro senior is a good shout as it can be tamed down a little until the confidence is built.

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    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH did somebody say "centrifugal clutch"

    drove me mad all the dads said "its easy" ye ye

    Stack like this,(())(())()()(
    stack like this,(())(())(())/////////
    stack like this (())()()()()//\\//\\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/(())
    stack like this (())(())(())(())()()())((()))((())))((())))()()()

    Drove me mental.....but have got the hang of it now lol
    Yippie Ki Yay

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    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    You best get ready for millions of questions then because when i get my lad a Pro Senior i'll have to sort the clutch.

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    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    as i said to you before i put the springs from a mini in our pro snr

    what you should do is :-

    when you take the old stack of washers out put a cable tie through each stack so when your lad gets better you can return the stack of washers the same as they came out.

    Aslong as the cable tie is loose you can wash the washers by putting them in a container with some petrol in and give it a good shake then clean with a cloth

    Now i didnt do that (what a mistake)
    Yippie Ki Yay

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    Mar 2009
    west mids

    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    thanks guys for your help and advice she rode her brothers pw and loved it and asked if she could start racing so thats the only bike shes been on

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    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    Cable tie advice is a top shout. Will def try and remember that

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    Default Re: ktm 50 help

    Pro Senior is likely to be the bike i'll get but have just been offered a SX Senior Adventure.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the SX Senior Adventure? Much difference between the two?


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