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Thread: Flackwell Heath - High Wycombe

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    Went down to Z Racing last Sunday, WOW!

    What a totally different and completely new track layout, and I have to say along with everyone else there, that it is much improved. Great Job.

    Now my only problem with the track is safety first, there are plenty of jumps and mostly table tops with a good approach and plenty of air time ( Pilots license not required ). The only and main problem I see is that there is no marshalling what so ever. OK there is one guy who stands at the middle of the infield keeping a watchful eye and I must add he does a great job but that is it. My son came over the first table top next to the pit area but his rear wheel kicked out to far as he is trying to learn how to tail whip. It was inevitable that he was going to wipe out on this one which is also OK its part of learning the sport.

    This is where I see the biggest problem; there was no marshal on the jump. Luckily it was at the end of the day with only four or five kiddies still going round and nothing happened. If that was earlier in the afternoon when there was fifteen or more on the track and with my boy layed out flat on his back on the other side of the jump and in the racing line he could have copped it big time. I just barely got out there quick enough to slow down the next rider. I had to run straight past my boy who was knocked a bit senseless and crying. I ran up to the top of the jump when I just managed to slow down the next rider and have him change his racing line, thus to avoid my son and that nice chap who has to do all the marshalling on his own, who is also now in a dangerous spot on the wrong side of a jump. I too could have been hit running up the back side of the table jump; you see the safety issue's just keep mounting on what should have been a simple motocross tumble.

    So here is what I suggest to you all at Z Racing. Please, Please put marshals on every jump and even at the tricky rutted out turns where you know the little ones are going to slide out. I suggest you do what they have done at Lyne Motocross Track in Staines, which is to make it an absolute essential that all parents of the kids take a flag and go pick a spot on the track. Some times they end up with 2 adults at each hazard spot this way one can assist the rider while the other can warn the others and protect that race line that is now blocked. And make sure that everyone understands that a waved yellow means extreme caution ahead. Eventually I think you will end up with another yellow being waved at the obstacle prior to where the incident has happened.

    To prove how serious I am about this issue; I will even buy the flags. It’s a great track with the all new layout; now lets make it greater. Come on dads help us out on this one.

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    Flackwell Heath Track

    Exit J4 on the M40 and follow signs for High Wycombe(A404). Go over the first roundabout and take the first right halfway down the hill, signposted Flackwell Heath.
    Go over the motorway and follow signs for the 'ski slope'. The entrance to the track is on the left hand side just past the junction.

    Opening Times
    Wednesday 3pm - 8pm
    Saturday 10am - 4pm
    Sunday 10am - 4pm (closed alternative Sundays, ring for dates)

    £20 for 125cc and above
    £18 for 85cc and below
    £15 for all riders on Wednesdays

    There are 3 tracks in total:
    1 auto, 1 junior track and 1 adult track.

    The main adult track is supercrossed based and is just under 1km in length. It's set on hard pack and raised to allow drainage.
    It has a selection of bermed corners, singles, doubles, triples and the owner plans on adding a whoops section in the near future.
    It is fully marshalled and has first aiders on-site.
    It has a fantastic burger wagon at the weekend and clean portaloos.

    *Bikes must comply with being 96Db and under* (you can be noise tested at the track for free).

    Contact details
    07921 452825


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