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Thread: broken tibia,getting leg back to strength

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    Default broken tibia,getting leg back to strength

    broke my tibia at top so broke down not across like normal bones.
    its been screwed and plated,when i can walk on it again whats best quickest/best way of getting everything back to normal with my leg muscles and that.
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    Default Re: broken tibia,getting leg back to strength

    excerise bike soon as you feel ok and swimming

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    Default Re: broken tibia,getting leg back to strength

    I broke my tibia 5 months ago and I used my exercise bike as much as possible and found when it came to walking in public it really didn't count for much. Just take it easy till you get the all clear from the doctors to start straining it and try light walking as much as possible been a really frustrating time with the nagging achy pain but got next season to look forward too now. Goodluck

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    Default Re: broken tibia,getting leg back to strength

    you are correct about the walking thing,you must mix n match cycling with walking as i found the biggest problem was walking correctly get someone to watch you walk from behind and study your wrong doings,its the muscles that need to be slowly worked on,to much of either is no good,i broke my femur at the knee joint but with lots of will power etc i was riding/racing after 6mths and just had my second op last week to finally repair all the other niggles.and im walking fine after 1 week you learn alot the first time runs your life and it stops you worring about anything else.but chin up you will get there

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    Default Re: broken tibia,getting leg back to strength

    I broke my tib n fib and and had to have a rod put in. I was pretty much walking as normal in 4 months. Cylce as soon as possible. I found cycling much easier than walking and was on a bike in 3 months. Also ask your doctor if they can arrange some hydro for you as this helps alot. The muscle wasting is scary my leg ended up so thin but now after almost a year my broken leg is bigger than my other one. Im not suggesting you should take steroids but if i broke my leg again i would deffo speed the healing process up with a mild steroid.

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