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Thread: Third dislocated shoulder - surgery??

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    Default Third dislocated shoulder - surgery??

    I dislocated my shoulder for a third time yesterday after an awkward crash.
    This is the third time its dislocated now which has left it as weak as piss.
    So i'm sat here thinking is surgery an option that will get the strength back to what it was before the first dislocation or is it time to hang up my boots and get out a pit board/spanners??

    Has anyone had the surgery and what were the results?

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    Default Re: Third dislocated shoulder - surgery??

    I did the same , they said it will never be as strong as it was before the dislocation, hasnt cone out since ... Never mentioned surgery though...

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    Default Re: Third dislocated shoulder - surgery??

    mine has been out 7 times its a right pain cant get surgery as cant afford to take time of work but my friend had the surgery and has been playing rugby since and never had a problem so go for it mate

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    Default Re: Third dislocated shoulder - surgery??

    mines been out about 6times (mostly rugby) pretty much every time nhs have said, well maybe if it happens again! if its an option go for it but also remeber its not as simple as it will be bettwe, it tighens up all the ligaments and I think you end up with not as much movement, I found swimming was the best thing for strengthening it up
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    Default Re: Third dislocated shoulder - surgery??

    Well i've had the op.
    First was key hole but there was more problems in there than they expected ( the plan was to tighten up the ligaments ) they found snapped ligaments as well.
    Next op was full open and with that comes a long rehab. You can be all the tough man you like but you'll still take several months before it works again properly. The end result for me was it's worse if i'm honest. I dont really now whats up in there now but i have little stability in the control of the shoulder muscle now. It's ok when i'm using the shoulder as it keeps thing tight but if your doing silly little things like bruishing your teeth or turning your alarm off the bugger comes out again.
    I dont want to go back in again ( they've offered ) as it's worse now than before.
    I wouldn't do an op unless i really needed it and it stopped my doing what i enjoy.

    Fcuk it hurts when it comes out , doesn't it .

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