kacak iddaa canli bahis siteleri diyet listesi masoz istanbul wso shell indir film izle Can any body ID this please?
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Thread: Can any body ID this please?

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    Default Can any body ID this please?

    picked it up for £75 no throttle cable or carb slider, no foot pegs, welded on gear lever. bought it for a lil project. was advertised as a stomp 110cc

    done a vin check on it its 2005 made in china(no suprise)

    also seems to have had lights, horn etc.. doesnt have USD as it prob a bit old for them

    swingarm is A frame and back brake is drum engine is stamped 152fmh with 107cm capacity and has electricc start capability

    any ideas guys?

    i just seen a pit boss and the frames seem identical
    I love Ebay.
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    Default Re: Can any body ID this please?

    its an old xsport

    pitster pro lxr mini

    here for a good time not a long time!

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