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Thread: bum deal :(

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    Default bum deal :(

    guys, a mate of mine bought a bike recently on flea bay n it turns out its not the yr its supposed to be!(older needless to say) he bought it last minute type thing n didnt research it properly but no matter what still is'nt the right yr!!
    is there anything he can do??

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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    If he hasn't paid and collected it yet , he can claim the item is not as described and refuse under eBay rules
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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    take the thing back and get his money back?

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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    Wasn't a YZ125 by any chance? I'd say 50% of the YZ125's I've seen on ebay over the last couple of years have been listed as the incorrect year....

    The only way to know for sure is to ask for the frame & engine numbers before you bid. Then you can call the UK customer services for the manufacturer (I only deal in YZ's so I can give you Yamaha's number 01932 358000, but you should be able to search for the others) and ask them to confirm the model year.

    That is the ONLY way to be sure.
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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    RM / YZ 2strokes are often mis-sold as they have minimal (if any) changes between model years. As above, youy need to be checking the frame numbers with manufacturer (although you prob know this now!)

    I had a similar thing when a guy sold me an RM250 as a 2008, i did question it at the time and he swore it was 2008, had a receipt from year he bought it but got home a checked it out, it was a 2006 model, bought new in 2008. He offered me some money off but had my money back and he had the bike back.

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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    Loads of people have been caught,,,,

    I got caught 4 years ago by a forum member!!!

    Not really anything you can do?

    What bike is it, and what was it supposed to be??

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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    ive had 2 yz125 and a yz85 and now an rm 125,and the first yz 125 was a year older,the second yz125 was 3 years older and a bitza(sp) bike,the yz85 turned out to be a yz 80 and a year older.
    but my current rm 125 was bought as an 03 and turned out to be a 05 winner

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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    Happend to me 2 weeks ago

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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    Buyer Beware ....its an old saying but so relevant when buying secondhand

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    Default Re: bum deal :(

    How can u tell on Yamaha, we had a rm 85 and the 10 digit of the frame number was the build year but I'm sure it's not the same for all bikes

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