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Thread: Mud

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    Default Mud

    Who's got and what you think of it? likes dislikes.
    real tracks, bikes,riders can do a world champ. mxon

    no clutch,
    the starts
    whip and scrub feature is crap
    you cant move the rider around on the bike

    overall gets a 4/10 for me.

    if you aint got it dont bother.

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    Default Re: Mud

    only one word for that game.....crap

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    Default Re: Mud

    i downloaded the demo and was discusted with it, what a poor quality game, a playstation 1 game was more realistic! Pathetic attempt, Mx vs ATV all the way !!

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    Default Re: Mud

    I downloaded the demo and thought it was rubbish, i'm glad i didnt buy it. Il stick to mx vs atv alive and trials evolution.


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