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Thread: ktm sx150 2013

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    Default ktm sx150 2013

    i currently run a 250 f
    im on the verge of getting an sx150, just taking a long hard think.
    any advice for;
    jets, pilots etc
    oil/fuel mixtures
    gearbox oil
    rings and piston
    and just general maintenance on a 2 -stroke since ive never owned one.


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    Default Re: ktm sx150 2013

    all i've done on mine is a 195 main jet all the rest is standard.
    i run castrol A747 two stroke oil and silkolene light gear oil in the gearbox.

    buy one you'll love it.

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    Default Re: ktm sx150 2013

    plenty of advice in the MX Tech forum - feel free to have a look and post questions in there...
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