Hi all.

I brought my 7 year old a py80 for xmas as the man only wanted 30pound for it, The man said all it need is the carb cleaning as its been sat for 2 years, so took it off him. I cleaned the carb and put it back on. knowing nothing how the pw's carbs work i did not know they had there own oil tanks, so after using goggle to try and get help, i soon released they had took the oil tank out and blocked it off, they all so took the air pipe off and put a kan fillter on it. i can get the bike ticking over, it runs but as soon as you get going it bogs out, not even enough time to get in 2nd gear, i have tried adjusting the mixture scews but still no good. it runs better when i only turn them out 1/2 a turn. could it be getting to much air ??

Please Help.