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Thread: 1995 honda cr250 whats it worth

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    Come across a old 1995 CR250 motocross bike that's sat outside covered in a sheet and fancy having a go at doing it up but not 100% sure what I'm looking at. It looks complete and apparently runs. It's recently had some work done on the engine but not sure exactly what. The bike looks pretty rough but is complete. The engine has been painted black and the paint is starting to flake off. In a nutshell what should I look for and what are they worth in rough but running condition. How much do they go for in clean condition and can you get hold of parts.

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    Very hard to price with out seeing it but 600/800 to buy it. If your looking at a complete front to rear nut and bolt jobby then look at spending in excess of another 2,000. Done it would be worth what ever some one will pay ebayers are asking upwards of 3k but do they get that???

    Personally I would stay away cleaner versions are about that have more history (what has/has not been done etc) unless you want a dog rough looking 'rat' bike and dont give a sh1t - me I like my bike to look as good as it can for the year and keep on top of the maintenance - prevention better than cure and all that

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