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Thread: Help on deciding on what bike to get.

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    Smile Help on deciding on what bike to get.

    Hi, I'm turning 17 in a few months and I'm looking to buy a 125 for use on and off road, I've been looking at YZ'z CRF's and a Husqvarna's but can't quite decide.. I'm also having difficulty deciding between a 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke as the bike will need to be reliable for commuting but also be able to take a beating and I know 4 Strokes can take more but, 2 strokes are cheaper, any thoughts on this? thanks.

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    what cc / break horse power can you ride on your licence dude (full on mx 125's are kicking out near 40 BHP) . Other factors to concider are) no lights on MX bikes, tyres are stamped NOT FOR ROAD USE and are illegal to use on the road, exhausts are also stamped for competition use (or closed circuit racing) AND gearing on an mx bike will be as ******* to ride in traffic even if you get it MOT'd You would need to fit a 'hidden' kill switch to stop it being stolen. A four stroke 125 wont be able to keep up the the kids let along ride safely with the adults on track (if any track lets you on on a road bike) NOT to be confused with the enduro bikes

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    what 2strokepoke said mate..

    Turning 17, i gather you will be on CBT.... The bike power limit for CBT, is 125cc @ 14.7bhp... Which is easily double that on a motocross bike... So that would be completely illegal for a start..
    along with all the other parts mentioned... illegal tyres etc.. unless you want to pay out 500+ for a set of supermoto wheels for your bike...

    Also, as stated.. the gearing.... completely wrong for road use... You will go through pistons like there is no tomorrow!
    MX bikes are not designed, or reliable, when held constantly flat out speeds, that you'd have to do on a road...

    It really isnt worth it... As cool as it would be..

    Now me, i road legalled my CR 125.. why? so that i can insure it incase of theft... As my shed and all things petrol powered, are not covered by my house insurance....
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