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Thread: No-Toil Air Filter Cleaner

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    Talking No-Toil Air Filter Cleaner

    hi guys

    anyone had any issues with No-Toil air filter cleaner?
    i normally use Silkolene cleaner along with silkolene air filter oil, But recently decided to give No-Toil a go, since its readily available to me, at local shop..

    I followed bottle instructions on how to dilute the cleaner powder etc and proceeded to clean my air filter, and instantly noticed that my air filter foam started to seperate at its glued seems, Thinking that the air filter was just old anyway, i ordered a brand new one... A Twin Air filter..
    Oiled it up and ran it last weekend at Besthorpe.... the air filter oil seams pretty good tbh..

    BUT.... removed air filter and cleaned it again using No-Toil cleaner... and tada... brand new air filter came apart at the glued seems again!!!

    so ive now binned the cleaner.... But will happily use the air filter oil and rim greese

    anyone else had this issue with No-Toil Cleaner?

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    Always been a problem with no toil cleaner Alan ... I always used putoline ... im sure youd be able to get it at Paul Nobbs in Sutton
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    Default Re: No-Toil Air Filter Cleaner

    Ive always used no-toil oil but never used the cleaner.
    I just used washing machine stain removing powder, dissolved in hot water then left to cool before cleaning my filters.
    The only time a filter has come apart is when i soaked one in really hot water. Never since i let it cool before soaking.

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