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Thread: What CC for a newbie

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    Complete newb here, I'm 30 and never been on a motor bike, I have been driving since I was 20 that's all.

    I'm hoping to get into moto x as my lad age 5 wants a motor bike as he seen my sister's fella riding his on trails etc..

    So I thought ideal for me to learn the sport with him..
    People are saying a RM125 which is what I'm looking at will be too quick for a newb, and that I should be learning on a 85cc.

    Thoughts 30 and only 5'7 ft tall


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    Wayne any bike will only go as fast as YOU twist the throttle - even an 85cc mx bike can be super quick in the right hands these are race engines NOT to be confused with the soft geared mellow engined de-tuned road bikes. Try and blag a go on a bike prior to buying one you may not like it and it could save you alot of money

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