Hi guys,

New to the forum and haven't ridden mx in 20 years.

Ive been a road rider all of my adult life but I have 2 kids who are bike mad and am we have a local mx practice track.

The youngest is only 2, but will want to be be on a little one as soon as his legs allow. The eldest is 12 but has special needs and I'd like him to be involved too. He's a big lad already (about 5' 9") but won't have the ability to manage a clutch and gears.

Ive not found any mainstream autos of a decent size (I don't know much about the Chinese copies), but I'm a mechanic by trade and have worked on plenty of road bikes, so wondered if anyone put a smaller auto engine into a bigger frame?! Crf50 into bigger Honda etc?!

Thanks in advance