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Thread: kx 125 gearbox oil??????

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    hi guys, really need some help!
    I'm technically retarded and need to know what type of gearbox oil i should use for a 2005 kx 125!
    Im thinking about putoline, but dont know whether to use the light fortified gearbox oil, or the below 20'C race oil.
    I don't ride very much, only a couple of times a month (skl sucks!!:()
    errr..... also what's the oil capacity of my bike, on the kx 250 i've heard it's 800, but i don't know about my 125.
    Any help would be great

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    I put putoline gp10 or putoline light in our 05 kx125,if I remember correctly the capacity is 700ml,if you look near the kickstart area the capacity is marked on the casing.There are other manufacturers oils you could use but most trackside spares vans carry putoline so I have always used it.

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    which one would you say is better, and what are the differences???

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    I only use the gp10 if the parts van does not have the 'light gear oil',it's a few quid difference in the price and the gp10 is 75wt oil and the light is 75/80wt.Gp10 is the best of the two but there is nothing wrong with the light gear oil.Our bike runs light about 80% of the time.


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