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Thread: Road Registering a Quad??

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    Nov 2002


    One of the most FAQ's on this forum is "How do I register/insure my quad for road use?". Please feel free to add any info to this post that may be of interest.

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    first think is getting the right forms of your atv supplier/insurance/dvla
    1. pdi docs
    2. original bill of sale
    3. cert of newness
    4. letter of supplier proof vat/tax paid on vechile
    5. vechile insurance
    6. v55/5 yellow stripe doc from dvla
    7. £60.55 for tax if goin on plg
    8. £38 reg fee
    9. tax is free if on agri
    10. all the questions/answers for the person in dvla
    11. proof of id licence/passport/house hold bill

    then you have the difficult question of insurance there is plenty of places to get insurance but its if they will insure (you the individual) sure/adrein flux
    2. nfu
    3. richard wilson
    4. carol nash
    5. get a trders policy like every body does cos its far cheaper (but vechile has to be in someone else name

    note***** please dont post saying they wont insure me cos thats just filling up the forum just keep trying people*******

    thats how to do it any questions drop me a line throughthe link on my profile

    ow and have fun trying cos i do

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    I know one question which maybe going through peoples minds:

    what mods does the bike require to get the quad on the road?

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    I think you mean Adrian Flux

    sorry to be pedantic.

    may also want to try HIC thats herts insurance company

    they are cheaper than adrian flux for performance cars so may well do quads too.

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    I agree with Father Raptor. The 'road reg' question is constantly rearing it's ugly head on the forums, and it gets answered comprehensively every time. What we need is a really straight forward and easy to follow step by step guide, posted on someone's website, so that it can be referred to as often as folks like. How about your site Deano?

    Also, for all those of you with Raptors, Bikesure (Adrian Flux) no longer insure Raptors. They must have had a few claims, as they consider them too great a risk now.

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    That was the idea VelociRaptor - a comprehensive list of tips which i will leave as a FAQ/Announcement, which will stay at the top of the page. If everyone puts in their two penneth worth, i'll collate it into one post and delete all the chaff!

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    Nov 2002


    As far as i'm aware you can reg a quad either as a PLG or Agricultural Vehicle with the DVLA.

    I reg'd my Raptor as an Ag Vehicle. The procedure is:

    1. Get insurance. (NFU in my case).
    2. Fill in form V55/5 if you have Cert of Newness or proof of age from the manufacturer - this will give you an age related reg number.
    3. V55/4 if you don't have Cert of Newness, etc - will be reg'd on a Q plate.
    4. Form V112 - for taxation purposes.
    5. Payment to DVLA (£38)

    For PLG - the quad will need to pass Type Approval. You will need indicators, horn, road legal tyres, dipping headlights, mirrors, blah, blah, blah.
    There are exemptions from Type Approval, Agric vehicle and also if the quad is used for competition (enduros, trials, etc) on and off road. DVLA link =

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    For Type Approval here is the link to VOSA (PDF format)

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    ok fine i was told yesterday that cvla are trying to stop people putting quads on agri as 90% of them are not used on farms so i would be carfull if you go in to dvla make sure you take some money or cheque book with you

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    as soon as this thread has finished running, i shall pull all the info from it and put it on a page for everyone to read.

    Remember, my site is for everyone to put stuff on, (under my control) so if you want you own page on the site please just let me know.

    back to the thread now


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